E3 2018 has came and went, and with it brought breathtaking reveal trailers, must-play demos, and many surprise announcements. Once again held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the three-day show featured dozens of different publishers and developers showing off their new lineup of games including Behemoths like Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation. Ahead of the trade show’s official opening, each company gave us look at what they’ve been up to. Here are the highlights:


Sony's E3 press conference was spot on with our predictions. With a stacked lineup of already announced games, Sony used their event stage to mainly show off gameplay trailer after gameplay trailer. We got lengthy looks at the dream team lineup of The Last of Us Part II, SpidermanGhost of Tsushima and even the mysterious Kojima game Death Stranding. Sony will always Sony, and provided a few surprises along the way including a Resident Evil 2 remake coming in January and an announcement trailer for Noah 2. Besides for the awkward stage transition during the start of the show, Sony left E3 with a big win.


Microsoft proved that they are listening, and went heavy on revealing exclusive titles during their conference. During their show, they announced fifty games and twenty exclusives titles including a new Halo, Forza, and Gears of War game, which is the first time all three have been announced in the same E3. And if that's not enough, Microsoft also dropped hints about its next Xbox console, saying teams are "deep into architecting" the next device. Are you ready for a next generation Xbox? We sure are!


Nintendo could do no wrong. Like Sony, they came into E3 with an already strong lineup of games announced. For the Nintendo Direct, they primarily focused on their two most hyped titles Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu & Evee. The new Super Smash shocked fans revealing that every single playable character in the series' history will be in the game. This totals the lineup to over sixty figures. Nintendo also had a few big announcements including a trailer for Super Mario Party, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and highly requested Fortnite port, which is out now.


Anthem and Battlefield V were the saving graces for EA's lack luster press conference. What seemed like more talking than games being shown, EA weren't able to maintain the hype like other companies. However, when we finally got a look their upcoming online fantasy shooter Anthem, we were blown away. Their sports title is always a sure win, and BFV is shaping up to be the biggest war game of all time. Outside of working on their presentation skills, EA's lineup looks solid.


Ubisoft doubled down on sequels to their biggest franchises, and it worked. Assassins Creed Odyssey takes us to ancient Rome where we can spartan kick our away across the map with either a male or female protagonist. The Division 2 leaves the gritty New York streets for a warmer post apocalyptic Washington D.C. Finally, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is set to bring sci-fi action to a galactic scale. Ubisoft has been on a winning streak the passed couple years with major AAA titles, and they show no signs of slowing down.

The Best Trailers

This year, companies forgone many hardware announcements, and instead gave gamers a plethora of reveal trailers and gameplay walkthroughs to drool over. Although some titles many expected to hear updates about like The Last of Us Part II and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans were treated with a nearly unlimited supply of new trailers.  Check out our favorites below, and tell us which games you're excited to play first.

The Last of Us Part II

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Death Stranding

Fallout 76

Cyberpunk 2077

Halo Infinite

Kingdom Hearts 3

Jump Force

Gears of War 5


Battlefield 5

Super Mario Party

Ghost of Tsushima

Rage 2

Just Cause 4

Forza Horizon 4

Devil May Cry 5

Destiny 2: Forsaken

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