Shank Mods / YouTube

You’ve probably seen a number of fake GameCube Joy-Con renders, but one dedicated modder has made one for real, and it’s fully functional.

Shank successfully stripped down a wireless GameCube Wavebird controller to encase the Switch’s bulky build, and the result is seriously impressive.

Watch their video below to see how they transformed the wireless controller into a pair of Joy-Cons that manages to replicate the functionality of the OG controllers.

As you can see, the custom GameCube Joy-Cons integrate the tiny shoulder buttons used for shared-screen multiplayer, and a centerpiece that allows both halves to reunite in a single gamepad that’s the same width as the original Wavebird.

Obviously this isn’t a novice-level project. Shanks explained that the process involved adding missing buttons, modifying others, introducing a number of 3D-printed support structures, plus a slew of electrical challenges.

Apparently, even getting that GameCube-style indigo color was an involved process. Nevertheless, if you’re up to the challenge, Shank intends to share the CAD files for those who want to attempt their own mods.

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Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.