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This has been a long, long time coming. After two plus years of constructing this post every week with the content of others, Highsnobiety’s team of product curators has handed over the controls to yours truly. For the very first time, I’ve been given the opportunity to select 15 of this week’s best products, in addition to my usual responsibilities of writing the introduction and laying out the post. The resulting roundup is unapologetically different, and urges the more conservative among you to look further afield. From fluffy, faux fur hats in Pharrell-sized proportions, to boot-cut bottoms and cuban heels, I hope my selection will help put some of fashion’s more dubious silhouettes back on your radar.

“Rounding up this week’s batch of must-cop product is Highsnobiety’s very own Drip Lord, Adam Barnard, bringing you a batch of hidden gems that might have fallen under your radar. As mentioned above, Adam has been the go-to guy for our beloved roundup for over two years now, and it only feels right to let him present his individual style and outlook. This one is guaranteed to bring you some of the best Japanese staples and help turn your head away from pure hype.” — Rhianna Matthews

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Without further ado, scroll through my selection below to shop the Engineered Garments Dome Hat and more of this week’s best drops.

Stone Island Real Down Jacket

Real Down Jacket

Stone Island


Starting you off easy is this Stone Island puffer in a wearable ecru colorway. The design’s tela linen construction has been soaked in a polyurethane resin which retains parts of the color to give the jacket its unique tonal finish. If you were ever into The Football Factory, then this one’s for you.

Kapital K1803LJ050




While I am happy that Kapital has been surging in popularity as of late, I feel some of the brand’s best pieces are overlooked in place of its now sought-after bandana designs and smiley face emblems. Jackets like this really speak to the more far-flung Americana influences of the Japanese brand, and are as eccentric as they are refined.

Needles Mohair Cardigan

Mohair Cardigan



If you are looking for a winter staple, look no further than a Needles Mohair Cardigan. I swear by them, with my personal collection growing bigger by the year. The quality is unparalleled, with seasonal variations in the silhouette’s patterning sure to excite your inner grandad.

Kapital Shetland Vest

Shetland Vest



Often a topic of fashion taboo, the humble sweater vest is making a big comeback… I think? Despite Kapital’s take on the design remaining in parts quirky, and in parts carpet-y, it promises to look perfect when paired with staples such as a simple white T-shirt.

Champion Reverse Weave Classic Tee

Reverse Weave Classic Tee



Building off the low-key outfit tip mentioned above, you needn’t look any further than all-American clothing manufacturer Champion for your perfect white T-shirt.

Needles Boot Cut Track Pant

Boot Cut Track Pant



Bring back the boot cut! A design almost completely ousted by fashion’s elite after turning into bell bottoms in the ’80s, boot-cut pants combine the best of all fits… they’re not skinny, they’re not baggy, they’re just right. Needles is on to something combining this now questioned cut with a touch of sporting refinement.

Kapital OX Shimokita Shorts

OX Shimokita shorts



If you’re still clutching onto summer like everyone here in Germany, Kapital’s OX Shimokita Shorts are the perfect accompaniment to any hot day. Made from a lightweight Oxford cotton, the shorts draw parallels to the design of vintage military wear and feature a removable waistband that can be combined with other Shimokita pants.

Our Legacy Center Boots

Center Boots

Our Legacy


Even though the silhouette screams “sophistication,” cuban heels can be dressed up or down for a well-rounded outfit that is as at home in the streets as it is in the saloon. Our Legacy adds a stitched centre seam and a Vibram tooling system to the design, finishing things off with a rich brown horsehide construction.

Converse Chuck 70 Hi

Chuck 70 Hi



Despite wearing mostly ridiculous shoes, nothing will ever beat tried-and-true silhouettes like a pair of Chucks for me. This iteration’s red canvas upper reminds me of adolescent rebellion, and promises to add a much-needed touch of playfulness to any outfit.

Engineered Garments Dome Hat

Dome Hat

Engineered Garments


I am probably going to catch a lot of heat for even suggesting a hat like this, but I feel safe knowing this design is also endorsed by Daiki Suzuki. Engineered Garments is ahead of something here.

UNUSED Silk Bandana