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Warning: this article contains Game of Thrones season eight spoilers.

The latest Inside the Episode takes us behind the scenes of last night’s penultimate Game of Thrones installment. The 10-minute-long clip offers some much-needed reasoning into Daenerys’ internal world in the wake of the most recent episode. Showrunners recap the allies she has lost and how that has contributed to her actions at King’s Landing.

In the wake of the destruction wrought in the sixth episode, the showrunners pore over Daenerys’ development and offer insight into her current motivations. They extend this insight to Varys and Tyrion, providing background into their actions over the last couple of episodes.

The special then shifts its lens to Jon Snow and Arya, who begin to emerge as complicated heroes from out of the fog of war.

Showrunner, David Benioff also makes the connection that several years ago, “Jaimie and Bronn are talking about how they wanna, and Jaimie’s talking about dying in the arms of the woman he loves… and this is it.” Watch the clip above to see how the siblings come full circle; Benioff explains, “They came into this world together” adding, “They need to go out together.”

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