george rr martin game of thrones ending

It looks like fans aren’t the only ones disappointed that the upcoming season of Game of Thrones will be the last. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the saga’s creator George R.R. Martin revealed that he too would rather it wasn’t the end.

“I don’t think it should be the final season, but here we are,” Martin said before stating that it feels like the HBO adaptation of his novels started just a week ago. “Has it been longer than that? The time has passed by in a blur.”

Of course, when the eighth season comes to a close, that won’t be the last we see of Westeros. “I’m still deep in writing the books,” Martin said. “We saw five other sequel shows in development. I think I’m going to be hanging around Westeros while everyone else has left.”

The 70-year-old novelist also spoke about the upcoming prequel show. While it hasn’t started shooting yet, Martins says its “great director and amazing cast” are getting close. It would appear the writer is working closely with the prequel team, with Martins saying the project feels different to the world Thrones fans are familiar with.

“It’s definitely very different,” he said. “It’s set thousands of years in the past. You’re looking at a whole different era of Westeros. No dragons, no Iron Throne, no King’s Landing. It will be interesting to see what the fans make of that.”

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