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Gosha Rubchinskiy has partnered with his best friend, muse and pro skateboarder Tolia Titaev to launch a new Russian skate brand, PACCBET.

Pronounced “rassvet” (not “pakbet”), PACCBET means sunrise but is regularly used in Russia as a metaphor for better days. PACCBET represents a new generation and a new world seen through the eyes of youth, as the label is launching exclusively at Dover Street Market London, New York and Ginza on Saturday, September 17.

“The idea of PACCBET originated a couple years ago when we started thinking about creating a new Russian skateboard brand,” explains Titaev when speaking with Dazed. “We had tried to make a few skateboards by ourselves in the past, with other names, but every time it was a disaster and we never managed to finish the projects.”

Chances are if you’ve seen any of Rubchinskiy’s designs that you’ve come across the term “PACCBET.” “We started to play with the notion of PACCBET and realized it was a perfect name for us,” Titaev added.

Much like Rubchinskiy’s label, PACCBET will be produced by Comme des Garçons. The debut collection includes a selection of skateboards, T-shirts, hoodies and caps, all of which are designed by Titaev.

“We designed clothes to skate in. It’s mean streetwear I think,” says Tolia, as again, the initial PACCBET release will take place this Saturday at DSM.

Rubchinskiy also just released his latest collaboration with Reebok on the Workout Plus and Ex-O-Fit Hi, which feature PACCBET branding as well.

Not NYC, not LA.