The escape from reality you've been looking for is a road – one led by the new Hanger by Holzweiler collection. Buckle up.

Ah, the penultimate month of the year. It's cold, windy, wet, and grey. It's not all bad, though, we can finally throw on an obscene amount of layers and really get some fits off – crazy knits, wool pants, big boots, the whole mile.

Holzweiler knows plenty about the cold. Coming from Oslo, dark and cold is second nature to the brand. I'm a summer baby, so I'm always looking for a route out of the cold, and a brand born in it seems like a pretty good place to start.

For its latest Hanger collection, Holzweiler delivers an otherworldly visual treatment, and at the center of it is a symbol – the humble hanger. For Holzweiler, the hanger represents community, sustainability, positivity, and design.

Hanger by Holzweiler is a minimalistic, unisex collection constructed with boxy fits and sustainable fabrics in a bright palette – who says Fall/Winter has to be dull?

Bold pops of blue, orange, red, and green dress tracksuits and sweatshirts, with a similar range of color options blocking out striped long sleeve tees. The collection's biggest standouts are easily the two gradient knit crewneck sweaters, finished in green and blue.

You can shop the new Hanger by Holzweiler Fall/Winter 2021 collection online now.

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