HBO has tapped Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon to star in an upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury's groundbreaking novel, Fahrenheit 451. Here, we in turn get our first taste of the film courtesy of an official teaser trailer.

The movie is set in a dystopian future where books are not allowed, as fireman Guy Montag (played by Jordan) has the task of burning all books. Shannon then reprises the role of Montag's superior, Captain Beatty.

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 began development last year, bringing on board Ramin Bahrani as its director. Bahrani has previously come out to insist that the picture is not intended to be anti-Trump, as Bradbury's work centers around censorship and repressive governments.

Fahrenheit 451 is due out this spring.

In related news, HBO has confirmed 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' will be getting a tenth season.

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