From clothing, to records and ephemera, Highsnobiety’s Jeff Carvalho, takes us around the world to go deeper into the world of collecting and collectors in our video series Hidden Heat.

In the show's inaugural episode, we took a deep dive into the wresting culture to explore the fandom of vintage t-shirts. In our next installment, Jeff travels back into the '90s to examine the rise of rave culture and the phenomenon of artwork and flyers that promoted the parties and events.

Party flyers, which are described as one of the most potent symbols of youth culture in the 1990s, united the burgeoning dance music scene sweeping the world. From tiny hand-drawn black & white xeroxed flyers to posters with sophisticated 3D computer graphics, the evolution of the party flyer mirrored that of the raves themselves. The flyer started out in the street, made its way into art galleries around the world, and even ended up in commercial advertising.

In the episode, Jeff sits down with prominent promoters, designers and DJ’s of the early days of techno, hunting down some key flyers that trace the defining moments in the evolution of US rave culture. Watch the trailer above and catch the full episode of Hidden Heat: American Rave Flyers on November 9 on

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