It's a constant cycle seeing fast fashion brands ripping off designer labels. The current spotlight is with Gucci filing a lawsuit against Forever 21 for utilizing a knockoff of the Italian luxury brand’s trademark “blue-red-blue” and “green-red-green” stripe webbing.

Swedish retail giant H&M is a culprit for plagiarizing designs too, as it recently had a dispute with Thrasher magazine for the usage of its iconic flame logo.

Now turning their eyes to famed Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy as well as Vetements, who are both popular figures in the current streetwear/fashion scene, H&M has implemented some of the two brands' signature aesthetics onto a few pieces such as socks (below), T-shirts, and a couple of hooded sweatshirts (above).

While these are budget iterations, would you still consider purchasing if you weren't aware? Share your thoughts below.

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