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Lifehacker extraordinaire Grant Thompson, better known as The King of Random, is here to show us how to hack our hamburger eating.

If you’ve been simply picking up your burger and biting into it, you aren’t optimizing your dining experience. Thompson suggests flipping it 180° so that the dry, thicker part of the bun is on the bottom, leaving the probably-already-soaking thinner bun on top.

Apparently this increases the structural integrity of your meal, making it less likely to implode in your hands. An added bonus is that the remaining juices will now flow into the bottom (previously top) half of the bun, evening out the moisture levels, and presumably saving your sleeves from being soaked in burger juices in the process.

To be honest, he makes a good argument, and if people laugh at you for seemingly consuming your burger the wrong way, just rest easy in the knowledge that you’re a genius way ahead of your time.

Now if Thompson could somehow figure out a way to stop me managing to eat each half of the bun unevenly, that’d be great.

What do you think: genius lifehack, or unnecessarily complicating a simple meal?

And now, for dessert, some Reptar chocolate that’ll turn your tongue blue.

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