HUGO has delved into the art and culture archives of Berlin, to bring the same eclectic energy into their Reframe the Future collection. A creative marriage of both classic and new, the collection takes inspiration from Berlin’s eclectic architecture, creativity and culture. From the Secession artists of the 19th Century, the association with both Dada and Bauhaus, the famous graffiti that adorned the Berlin wall and its current reputation as the arts and creative capital of Europe, the city has a long and colorful pool of influences to draw from.

HUGO’s Reframe the Future collection, in particular, draws on the interior and architecture of Berlin's Altes museum which was the work of artist and architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Something of a legend in Berlin, Schinkel's works have been filtered through the lens of the city's more contemporary art scene and fused with Berlin street-art references for prints throughout the collection.

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Each piece is reimagined from a classic design, taunting subtle yet impactful prints. Refined single-breasted suits sit comfortably alongside relaxed leisurewear adorned with a reworking of the HUGO logo with masking tape, a nod to the more DIY aesthetic of Berlin’s current art crop. Schinkel prints on hoodies and sweatshirts are finely curated alongside wistful paintbrush strokes and Renaissance-era marble inspired graphics upon shirts, pants and puffer jackets. Built upon an ethos of authenticity, the collection allows for individuality, placing you as the canvas and the collection as your palette, allowing you to create unique looks.


To accompany the release of the Reframe the Future collection, Filmmaker Gordon Von Steiner directed a video featuring a group of friends indulging in mischievous behaviour, much like the famous scene in Jean Luc Godard's ‘Bande à part’ where a group of French teenagers dash through the Louvre in Paris. Set in a museum after hours, the piece brings youthful energy into a refined space, showing that disparate worlds can exist harmoniously. HUGO has introduced similarly themed statues into their flagship Berlin store, including a giant sculpture of the brands signature sneaker, all juxtaposed alongside graffiti by local street-artists which brilliantly brings to life the collections art theme in a physical environment.

With their latest collection, HUGO has managed to effortlessly pay homage to Berlin’s eclectic modern art and culture scene while remaining true to its more classical roots.

Check out the collection here or, for those based in Berlin, at HUGO's new flagship store in the Mitte district.

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