Photos of nipples, bikini lines or booties make many of us double tap, every time – that is, until Instagram takes them down. The mega successful app has waged a war against nudity and sexual images with its community guidelines and it has even been known to delete entire accounts, including Rihanna’s and Grace Coddington’s.

Their community guidelines read: "We don't allow nudity on Instagram. This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks. It also includes some photos of female nipples, but photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding are allowed. Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is OK, too."

Luckily there’s a growing army of sneaky artists who are skirting Instagram's community guidelines in creative ways to free the nipple (and much more). Here are 10 artists who are trolling Instagram’s prudishness with art, illustrations and food that leave little to the imagination:

Alpha Channelling

Pornhub has been slowly cementing its place in the the arts, one X-rated video at a time. Two years ago they signed a deal with Coolio and recently they produced Mykki Blanco’s Matt Lambert-directed video “Loner,” which YouTube later censored.

At the end of 2016 they also released a coloring book for – you guessed it! – adults. In it you can find Alphachanneling’s smutty illustrations of couples getting down to business.

Self-described as 'utopian erotic,' the artist’s aesthetics channel the Kama Sutra with references to the potential emotional and spiritual states these contortionist positions might take you to.

Petites Luxures

Proving that the French can turn any situation into softcore erotica is Petites Luxures. This Parisian erotic minimal illustration project actually started on the gram. It counts 619k followers and its images are so raunchy that it often gets reported.

There is an air of je ne sais quoi to this account: the drawings are half drawn but they reveal just about enough to make this IG very NSFW. The artist has that French ability to turn any quotidian scene into an orgasmic experience, whether it’s when two girlfriends meet for a  bevvie or a couple spilling their freshly made brewed coffee.

Stephanie Sarley

Anyone could be forgiven for thinking Stephanie Sarley’s account is an X-rated homemade porn channel. At least that’s what can happen when you watch her video of what initially looks like a pale schlong until you realize it’s a strudel about to enter the oven.

Stephanie Sarley has a sharp eye, one that sees almost any fruit as an object of sexual desire for her to finger in a very salacious manner. The account has amassed a respectable amount of followers, 196k to be precise, and the artist has also published a coloring book entitled Dick Dog and Friends – the title says it all.

Shelby Sells

Liberating sexual prowess is Shelby Sells’ mission on Instagram. The artist’s feed features her own suggestive pictures and videos showing her bikini line, back and crack while pushing the limits of art.

When not focusing on herself, she interviews and snaps other sexually liberated folk, including Mistress Veronica Vixen, who’s known to wear a bra five times too small.

Unsurprisingly, Shelby Sells’ account often gets reported, but not for her raunchiness; rather, because some people think she’s going through a rough patch and might need some help. Perhaps she does, at least she’s been spotted getting a pair of helping hands from none less than A$AP Rocky.

Kristen Liu-Wong

Your Highsnobiety privacy settings have blocked this Instagram post.

Kristen Liu-Wong is not only risky with her Instagram, she also draws highly-saturated pictures of women doing sexually risky things, be it playing naked with knives or fighting serpents by a tropical pool.

The LA artist mixes Hokusai’s “The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife” with fetish elements to create these surreal pin ups that bare it all and take it to another level by using scorpions as nipple clamps and bathing with venomous snakes.

For those who might feel let down that a few images bear hearts covering the private parts, the artist also sells T-shirts with the hard-core print.

Aaron Tsuru

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New York artist Aaron Tsuru can’t be accused of not being meticulous. Tsuru reflects on their experiences with their partner to sketch illustrations of nudes revealing all of the details of very private parts.

By superimposing drawings of pierced nipples on photos of bare breasts, Aaron Tsuru is trolling Instagram big time. The non-binary, agender artist also use their work to voice political statements – “Grab them by the pussy” is the phrase that keeps on giving.

Look at This Pussy

Tortelloni, a jacket potato or the Roman Coliseum: for this Instagram account, anything can look like a vulva. Or, as the tagline of Look at This Pussy, reads: “almost nothing is not a pussy.”

Founded by LA-based Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones, the feed of this account will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I see this before?” Some of their most out-there sightings include gari ginger slices, a stairwell and a church.

Great art might make you see the world differently, but so does a great Instagram account like this one, which already boasts 158k followers.

The Vulva Gallery

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The Vulva Gallery is not only here to showcase vulvas in all shapes, sizes and colors, but also to educate the public on female anatomy.

Started by Hilde Atalanta in Amsterdam, this account prides itself on raising awareness of labiaplasty, the cosmetic surgery that alters the size of the labia minora; that is, the inner folds of the vulva. The feed is replete with cutely drawn illustrations of zoomed in vulvas that for the unaware visitor might even look like muffins.

Apollonia Aaintclair

Apollonia Aaintclair is the account for all your goth-erotic needs. Featuring black and white erotica illustrations this Instagram is so popular that it’s reached a staggering 216k followers and cult following on Tumblr. The success can be attributed to the the horny heroines that get fingered by masked men, eaten out by long haired women or climb life size erect penises.

Unsurprisingly, the anonymous artist has already collaborated with feminist porn director Erika Lust to bring to life and in the flesh these surreal and arty, porny moments.


Judging by the similarities between @neenerpants’s creator and the persona in the erotic drawings, it’s safe to say the artist is inspired by herself. This Instagram may only have just over 6k followers, but that allows for a more personal, intimate and portrayal of girl-next-door erotica.

Jumping between reality, imagination and porny cliches the action depicted in shaky lines includes chicks munching on Wiener sausages and sitting on spray cans. DIY porn doesn’t get more authentic.

If you're after more Instagram art, check out 14 of the best artists to follow on the 'gram here.

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