J.R. Smith famously got a massive Supreme box logo tattoo down the back of his leg during the offseason. The Cleveland Cavalier wears the brand often and was even hand-picked to front Supreme’s NBA collaboration last season.

Now, Smith has revealed on his Instagram story (which the player has since reposted to his feed as an actual post) that the NBA plans on fining him every time he doesn’t cover up the tattoo while playing.

Smith alleges that the league had just notified him of its plans to fine him for not covering up the tattoo, writing in the caption of his post: “I swear I’m the only person they do shit like this to! So you mean to tell me i have to cover up my tattoo for what? You don’t make people cover up Jordan logos NIKE checks or anything else but because it’s me it’s a problem all of a sudden!!! Shit whack.”

This probably stems from the fact that the NBA is very particular about advertising and marketing within the league.

Only recently, the NBA changed its uniform rules to allow players more freedom when choosing the color and style of their footwear.

Smith’s Supreme tattoo, however, has appeared to cross the line. “NBA rules prohibit players from displaying any commercial logos or corporate insignia on their body or in their hair,” a league spokesman reportedly told NBC Sports.

What are your thoughts on J.R. Smith’s tattoos and the NBA’s plans to fine him for not covering it up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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