It was only a matter of time that people across America will be able to have KFC and Taco Bell delivered to their residence very soon, as the fast food retail chains’ parent company Yum Brands, have announced a partnership with delivery company Grubhub, The Business Insider reports.

With fast-food customers increasingly demanding delivery and expected to be implemented on popular fast food chains soon, last year, Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol shared that it was the customers’ top demand. As part of the deal, Yum Brands has agreed to purchase $200 million of common stock in Grubhub, and the money will be used to expand Grubhub’s delivery network and drive orders to KFC and Taco Bell.

Previously, Taco Bell formed a partnership with Lyft to take passengers through the drive-thru, as well as with DoorDash, but Niccol shared, “The third party folks, the aggregators — they’re just not fast enough.”

Yum Brands’ partnership with Grubhub hopes to solve some of these issues by getting fast-food chains more involved.

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on Business Insider.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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