KICKZ has partnered up with Columbia to re-release ‘90s street-favorite the Bugaboo Interchange Jacket. KICKZ and Columbia both celebrate significant anniversaries this year sparking what’s sure to be a highly-anticipated comeback and collaboration.

First launched in 1986 as a ski jacket, the garment quickly picked up traction on both the slopes and the streets, and become a hit amongst New Yorkers in the ‘90s. Once adopted by the East Coast hip-hop scene, it became a must-have item for young inner-city high schoolers.

On top of its fashion prowess and hip-hop credentials, the Bugaboo Interchange Jacket was a step ahead of the competition when it came to technical spec. Thanks to its innovative three-in-one layering system, the design was a multi-seasonal product that could be worn throughout the year — Columbia was essentially selling multiple pieces of apparel for the price of one.

With blazing hot summers and icy cold winters, it’s no surprise the jacket was popular among New Yorkers. The shell offered the ideal option for spring while the fleece lining was perfect for fall — when combined, the full jacket was winter-ready and suited to all conditions.

This year, Columbia celebrates its 80th-anniversary while KICKZ celebrates its 25th. Coinciding birthdays plus both brands’ strong connection to the ‘90s makes this the perfect time for both brands to reintroduce one of Columbia’s most iconic outerwear models at a time when nostalgia for the decade is at its highest.

The re-released jacket carries all the original features including the waterproof, breathable, and seam-sealed shell, fleece lining, interior security pocket, and adjustable sleeve cuffs. The result is another winter must-have in black and red and light blue and navy.

The new 80th-anniversary Bugaboo Interchange Jacket will be sold exclusively at KICKZ in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. For a chance at winning a limited edition version of the jacket signed by Columbia's founder, enter the raffle via the link below.

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