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Carlex Design

Aftermarket specialists Carlex Design have reworked the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, dubbing the mammoth creation the EXY Monster X concept. The three-axle pickup is designed to be a safety car vehicle at race tracks.

The entire body of the Monster X is made from carbon fiber, as the truck has been considerably lowered and expanded. The load box is then coated with a protective structural paint in an eye-popping yellow color, matching other smaller elements of the build, both on the exterior and interior. Fender flares cover wide rims encompassed in Bridgestone Potenza tires, while winches have been applied to the front and the rear to help move damaged vehicles. Lastly, the pickup is outfitted with FIA-spec green-and-orange LEDs to make the ride further stand out.

Carlex Design's EXY Monster X concept is said to still be in the design stages, but a production model is expected to arrive at some point. Nonetheless, hit the comments with your thoughts on the beastly rebuild.

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