The official Mission: Impossible Fallout trailer was unveiled during Super Bowl LII on Sunday and, as expected, it’s jam-packed with action, one-liners, and incredible stunts.

One such stunt, when Cruise jumps from one building to another, resulted in the movie star breaking his ankle. Production had to be halted while waiting for its star, who does all of his own stunts, to recover. Instead of filming the stunt again when Cruise had healed from his injury, the take was used for both the trailer and the movie – proving Cruise’s reputation as a tough-as-nails action star.

Car chases, helicopters, and a lot of  battle scenes leave viewers salivating for more. They’ll have to wait until July 27, though, when the movie releases in theaters worldwide.

Watch the trailer above and then check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Cruise’s stunt below on the Graham Norton Show.

Next, revisit a breakdown of Tom Cruise’s crazy ‘Mission: Impossible‘ stunts.

  • Main & Featured Image: Paramount Pictures / YouTube
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