In one of the biggest climb-downs of recent times, Motorola has been forced to apologize for getting everybody's hopes up about a re-release of the mid-'00s relic, the Razr flip phone.

A few weeks ago, the phone company released a nostalgic video (which you can see above) paying homage to the sleek and sexy phone, which was titled with "Moto 06.09.16." Obviously, everybody lost their shit as they expected Motorola to be bringing out a new, updated model to sit within today's smartphone market.

But now we've learned that they were just trolling us. The company reportedly acknowledged and apologized for leading us to believe that the Razr was about to return. They said that the teasing video was meant to stir up excitement for the future, AKA the new Moto Z, a good but rather basic-looking smartphone, which released yesterday.

The Razr became one of the century's must-have accessories and celebrities like Kanye West, Paris Hilton and Anna Wintour were all spotted using them. In a statement, the company said that they have devices waiting to be released that will “transform the mobile landscape.”

It just remains to be seen whether any of them can generate the hype that the Razr did. All we know is that this guy's probably not too happy right about now.

Meanwhile, the latest Apple leak revealed that the iPhone 8 will have a “Dual Curve” display.

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