Season two of Narcos: Mexico is due out in less than a month. To get fans hyped for the upcoming set of episodes, today Netflix shares the official full-length trailer, teasing what is to come.

Narcos: Mexico season two picks up as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo is now the godfather of the first Mexican cartel, the Guadalajara cartel. While working tirelessly to grow his empire, he struggles to maintain control throughout his own organization as others look to overthrow him. In addition to the internal strife, Félix is forced to combat the efforts of DEA agent Walt Breslin who will stop at nothing to take him down.

Diego Luna, Scott McNairy, Teresa Ruiz, Mayra Hermosillo, Sosie Bacon, Andrés Londoño, Alex Knight, Miguel Rodarte, Jesse Garcia Matt Biedel, Jesus Ochoa, Flavio Medina, Alberto Zeni, Jero Medina, Jose Julian, Noé Hernandez, and Nat Faxon star in season two of Narcos: Mexico, which comes to Netflix on February 13.

Press play below to watch the official trailer for Narcos: Mexico season two.

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