Could this be the end of Agent Javier Peña on Narcos – masterfully played by Pedro Pascal for three seasons – who having already vanquished Pablo Escobar and derailed the plans of the Cali cartel is no longer needed?

The short teaser trailer for the forthcoming fourth season suggests that might just be the case. Announcing actors Michael Peña (Ant Man) and Diego Luna (Rogue One) as the new leads as the show transitions to a Mexico-based backdrop, Pascal’s name is notably absent.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix is confirming that he is no longer starring – but it’s still unclear if his character will appear in the new season in any capacity.

As for Peña and Luna, this will mark the second collaboration between the two after collaborating in 2014 on Cesar Chavez about the civil rights leader who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union.

The new season of Narcos is slated to premiere sometime in 2018.

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Words by Alec Banks
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