Neighborhood has managed to cultivate a fanbase that’s as desperate to get its hands on the label’s clothing as it is the cult homeware. Of course, the main reason for this is Neighborhood’s stunning incense chambers that return every season in new, dramatic forms, straddling the gap between high-end decoration and basic function. Another of Neighborhood’s fan-favorite items is its Have A Nice Day Candle.

We’ve seen this design many times before. Whether it's built from Chinese Kaolin clay as an incense chamber or, in this case, wax, it’s a tongue-in-cheek highlight. The design features a fist on a pedestal with its middle finger unwound to full, in-your-face extension. Underneath the fist sits the phrase ‘Have A Nice Day’.

Where the incense-chamber version features a hole at the top of the middle finger for smoke to flow from, the candle replaces the hole with its wick. And, while the incense chamber will probably last longer, the candle promises a fascinating melting experience. Every house needs a surreal, melted middle-finger feature, doesn’t it?

Of course, as a fan-favorite, Have A Nice Day pieces from Neighborhood don’t tend to stick around, so shop the Have A Nice Day Candle here.

Shop the Neighborhood Have A Nice Day Candle below.

Have A Nice Day Candle

Have A Nice Day Candle



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