EA Games and Academy Award-nominated director Neill Blomkamp have officially announcedConviction, an original live-action short film based on BioWare’s upcoming action sci-fi video game Anthem.

Set decades before the beginning of the game, Conviction will bring the intriguing world of the video game Anthem to life, including the notable player city of Fort Tarsis, along with a group of freelancers that live within it.

In the short teaser above, we get a glimpse of these freelancers draped in Javelin exosuits that have been re-created by Neill Blomkamp to showcase them in live-action, as they eventually fight off the game’s main villain and head of the evil Dominion faction, the Monitor.

EA Games also points out that this partnership came to fruition when Blomkamp tweeted out how he admired the impressive world of Anthem, thus leading to Blomkamp gaining the chance to produce the rich world of the video game in his unique vision.

Enjoy the trailer above as the full short film will be available beginning February 14 on the Oats Studios YouTube channel. Peep it below.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

scribbling by day, architect by night

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