Although streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are usually tight-lipped about sharing their viewership information, that hasn't stopped ratings services like Nielsen and Parrot Analytics from trying to figure them out.

Now Parrot Analytics has put together a list of the 10 most streamed TV shows of the last 90 days and, surprise, surprise, Netflix dominates the charts. All but two of the 10 are Netflix shows with CBS All Access and Hulu making it onto the list once each with Star Trek: Discovery at two and Emmy award-winning The Handmaid's Tale at four, respectively.

Netflix's hit Ozark tops the list with over four million more Average Demand Impressions’ than fellow Netflix original Stranger Things, which is how Parrot Analytics measures audience demand for a title through a mixture of streaming, social media, blogging, file sharing, comments and other sources.

Narcos, Orange Is The New Black, and Castlevania round out the top five Netflix shows, while Marvel's The Defenders, 13 Reasons Why, and House of Cards follow closely behind.

Here's the top 10 in full:

1. Ozark - Netflix 2. Star Trek: Discovery - CBS All Access 3. Stranger Things - Netflix 4. The Handmaid's Tale - Hulu 5. Narcos - Netflix 6. Orange Is The New Black - Netflix 7. Castelvania - Netflix 8. Marvel's The Defenders - Netflix 9. 13 Reasons Why - Netflix 10. House of Cards - Netflix

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