After just announcing the release of the 2016 Nike Mag, we continue to focus on the iconic kicks from “Back To The Future II.” Accordingly, here we get a look at Tinker Hatfield's original design sketches of the Nike Mag.

While Hatfield is easily one of — if not — the most legendary designers to ever produce a sketch, this task was undeniably unique, bringing on a set of unrivaled challenges for even him. His mission: to design a shoe for roughly 27 years in the future.

“I thought about the year 2015,” Hatfield revealed. “And I had a strong opinion that shoes might be somewhat intelligent and able to turn on and become alive in the future.”

We of course now know the intelligent aspect to be power laces, finally coming to the 2016 release.

Nonetheless, to check out what Tinker originally had in mind for the Air Mags, take a look at his coinciding design sketches.

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