The New York City Police Department has determined that there was no criminality by Shake Shack employees after three officers were taken to the hospital following the consumption of milkshakes from the burger chain on Monday Night. According to CNN, the officers have since been released from the hospital, as the NYPD subsequently launched an investigation into the tainted milkshakes.

The NYC Police Benevolent Association issued a statement revealing that the milkshakes consumed by the officers at Shake Shack's lower Manhattan location were partially mixed with bleach. The investigation that followed suggested foul play was unlikely, as those leading the case believe the restaurant's milkshake machine was not properly cleaned, allowing cleaning solution to get into the milkshakes.

After becoming aware of the incident, Shake Shack issued a tweet on Monday night saying it was "horrified by the reports of police officers injured," and that it was working with the police in their investigation. Since then, the company has responded to news of the officers being released from the hospital by tweeting, "we’re relieved to hear the officers are all okay."

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