Founded in 2013, it's easy to trace OAMC's progression from upscale utilitarian label to fabric-focused, genre-pushing fashion collection. Designer Luke Meier and co-founder Arnaud Faeh have kept the brand's DNA rooted in premium materials, reimagined militaria, and a modern pragmatism that emanates with a combined sense of wearability and understated “fashion appeal.”

In the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, “Home Sweet Home,” the latter manifested in layers of silk organza layered into shapes like fishtail parkas, balancing a modicum of toughness with masculine proportions. Rubberized boots seemed hardy enough for the great outdoors, but aesthetically suited for the decidedly less gritty sidewalks of city streets.

Two of its main inspirations are Joseph Beuys and Ellsworth Kelly, two conceptual artists who served in World War II. The two artists' own styles provide a contrast expressed in the collection, from Kelly's emphasis on clean lines and hard-edge colorblocking to Beuys' ideas of social sculptures and gesamtkunstwerk—the totality of an art piece. Boiled down, one could imagine the bevy of fashion heads who painstakingly put together outfits they deem worthy of appreciation.

The home theme permeated the venue itself, where floral wallpaper was punctuated with windows bearing wool and felt fabric swatches, as did the invites. The message was comfort and reliability. The kind of clothes that you can put on without having to think about how to wear them beforehand.

Speaking of homes, OAMC recently found a new one, business-wise. In the hours after the show, Business of Fashion announced the line had sold a minority stake to Onward Luxury Group, which also happens to own Jil Sander, a label that Luke Meier is the co-creative director of. This new venture will help the label open its first retail store and launch its e-commerce operations. The timing is even more impeccable given Supreme's recent deal with The Carlyle Group—and Meier also spent some time as the creative director of that brand.

“After only four years of existence we are proud to have attracted the attention of such an important group,” says OAMC's Arnaud Faeh in a statement. “Since day one we have had a very ambitious plan for OAMC, and OLG will allow us to bring it to the next level while maintaining our personal vision for the brand.”

  • Photography:OAMC

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