At this point, you should be aware that Highsnobiety has partnered with streetwear YouTube channel PAQ on the first ever Best Dressed Youtuber Awards. Overall, there are 15 nominees divided across three categories, with only Heavyweights the last group left to introduce.

Qualification for this round requires a serious social following, with each candidate racking up thousands of views, respectively. Here, the likes of Ricky Thompson and duo The Fung Bros stake their case for being in the running to appear in the final competition.

If chosen, finalists across the three categories will be flown to Berlin, Germany, in order to compete in the ultimate styling challenge. Each competitor will aim to impress four VIP judges with their take on styling, rocking only the finest threads, of course.

Whether you're into thrift garms or hype fashion accessories, the Heavyweight category winner can only be chosen by you, the viewer.

To see who's up for the Heavyweight title and how you can vote, watch the video above and click the info icon for all the details. Make sure to subscribe to PAQ's channel for all the updates.

For a closer look at each of the nominees, check out their respective channels below.

Rickey Thompson

Richie Le

Qias Omar


Fung Bros

Make sure to let us know, in the comments, which Youtuber you're gunning for in the Heavyweight category.

Voting closes May 19, 2018 at 23:59 PST.

In case you missed it, here's a look at the lightweight and middleweight nominees. Make sure to vote now.

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