After one of Paul Newman’s iconic Rolex Daytona watches was put up for auction by Phillips in New York and sold for a record-breaking $17.8 million, another Neman-affiliated Rolex Daytona is up for sale. This time, it's a super rare classic 18K yellow gold Daytona 6264, named after the late actor.

Prestigious UK retailer of authentic pre-owned items Xupes has listed the exclusive timepiece on its website, with a price tag of approximately $1.3 million USD.

The mint timepiece has been beautifully preserved with all features in excellent condition, and this version of the yellow gold 6264 Daytona had a short three-year production (1969-1972). The exotic dial color in lemon and pump pusher combination is really what makes this watch unique, as it was only used by Rolex in a few of the gold Daytona references at the end of the 1960s before the Oyster case was introduced with screw down crowns.

Additionally, only four 6264s are known of on the market, making this only the fifth to make a market appearance. For more details on this yellow gold Daytona 6264 and to enquire on purchasing, click the bar below.

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