Following a midseason break, Adult Swim has shared the episode titles and air dates for the second half of Rick and Morty season four.

The final set of episodes will premiere on May 3, as each Sunday throughout the month of May will welcome a new episode. The titles are as follows: "Never Ricking Morty," "Promortyus," "The Vat of Acid Episode," "Childrick of Morty," and "Star Mort Rickturn of The Jerri."

Judging by the names of the episodes, Rick and Morty season four will pay homage to sci-fi classics ranging from Star Wars to Alien. Expect to witness a number of sci-fi spoofs, as the likes of Prometheus, Children of Men, and Star Wars are all referenced.

Take a look below at the coinciding release dates for the season four episodes of Rick and Morty, while the official trailer is just underneath. The show returns to Adult Swim on May 3.

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