Ryan Reynolds and A Ghost Story director Augustine Frizzell are working on a new Fox movie titled Stoned Alone, Deadline reports. The film is said to riff off John Hughes' beloved family classic Home Alone, but with an R-rated twist.

The picture's narrative is based around a 20-something pot-growing "loser," who, after missing the plane for a planned skiing holiday, decides to make the best of a bad situation by getting stoned. Things take a bad turn when thieves break into the protagonist's home and he's forced to "defend his castle."

Reynolds is slated to produce the picture, while Frizzell takes the reigns as director. The idea stems from Fox exec Matt Reily, and was scripted by The Package writers, Kevin Burros and Matt Mider.

Reworking the Home Alone package for a new audience — as director Chris Peckover did with his 2017 horror comedy, Better Watch Out — is a smart move for Fox, as the original movie remains one of the studio's top-grossing comedies ever.

Are you down for a stoner-vamped retelling of Home Alone? Let us know in the comments.

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