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The New York show from New York-based label Dyne and its collaboration with the sustainable, animal-free label, Save the Duck, was a confident demonstration of the two's commitment to pushing the fashion industry onto a more sustainable, credible footing, as well as a comment on today's overall political and social climate.

The collection featured cruelty-free outerwear, with faux fur coats and feather-less down puffer jackets; waterproof jackets, tees and sweats. In addition to providing animal free, ecological fabric, Italian label Save the Duck's penchant for bold color combined seamlessly with Dyne's progressive, clean silhouettes and genderless, unisex pieces in a collection that respectfully referenced the civil rights era.

In its first ever runway show, Dyne showed its work with Save the Duck alongside its own capsule which earlier this year picked up the prestigious international Woolmark Prize for the 'innovation' category (the first year 'innovation' has been recognized). That capsule's clothing contained chips with GPS coordinates that allowed wearers to zoom into and learn about where the item was made, as well as who made it—an innovative step toward transparency and fashion. Bevans was previously a designer at Nike and has worked with a string of high-profile names including Kanye West, Billionaire Boys Club, Prince, Jay Z, John Legend and LeBron James.

Check out the BTS shots of the show above, the runway looks below, and more from Dyne and Save the Duck here.

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