This year, we've partnered with design firm Snarkitecture to bring the Highsnobiety Crowns to life.

Decided by reader's choice, the first, second and third place winners of the Highsnobiety Crowns will receive a special, limited-edition key created by Snarkitecture. Special keys are also reserved for the recipients of our Editor's Choice award in each of the seven categories that are open for voting.

Each prize was manufactured specially for Highsnobiety in Snarkitecture's Brooklyn headquarters. First, the designs were drawn out by hand, then the sketches were replicated with 3D-modeling software. From there, preparation for the fabrication process begins with several tests, using laser cutting and anodizing to decide the correct colors for each key.

The final version of the awards are milled out of 3/16"-thick aluminium by a waterjet CNC machine. Each key is then anodized and blasted with beads to smooth any tooling marks, before a finishing process that involves sanding flat areas with with 1800-grit sandpaper and specialized abrasive cleaning pads, creating a nice contrast in the matte finish.

Check out all the Highsnobiety Crowns here and make sure you vote before December 31.

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