Indianapolis-based artist Gabriel Dishaw has admittedly been passionate about Star Wars dating back to when he was a kid. His affinity for the celebrated franchise has since turned into artistic expression, with his latest efforts involving Louis Vuitton bags.

As Dishaw points out, the materials that he utilizes for his pieces ultimately drive the process, so as he deconstructs various items, he then receives inspiration on where to take the project.

Gabriel recently came across a selection of vintage Louis Vuitton bags while traveling. He immediately began to investigate how he could resource the materials into Star Wars. From there, the artist made use of glues, screws, and other such items in order to fashion the pieces together. The end result truly portrays the Star Wars franchise like you’ve never seen it.

To hear Dishaw discuss his Star Wars art, press play below.

In related news, critics are saying ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is one of the best in the saga.

Not NYC, not LA.

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