Stranger Things season two has come and gone (not really, but if you haven’t binged it by now, are you even a fan?) and all we’re left with is tears and Twitter reactions. The show introduced a host of new characters in season two – some more lovable than others – and continued with the same rollercoaster of humor, horror and emotions that made season one so amazing.

If you haven’t finished season two of Stranger Things, be warned – there are spoilers ahead. For those of you who managed to find time to binge the entire season over the weekend – here’s the best memes and Twitter reactions from season two.

Eleven made a kickass transformation and everyone loved it

Unless, of course, you were firmly team Dustin/Steve

Speaking of making transformations

If you weren’t for Jonathan/Nancy you don’t know what love is

This guy is the literal worst

Boring, old, Kenny Rogers-loving Bob became an unsung hero

Whose mans?

And, of course, the feels were real when everyone finished the final chapter and realized they’d have to wait another year for season 3

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  • Main & Featured Image: Stranger Things / Netflix

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