The highly coveted FW17 Supreme box logo hoodie arrived today and, as expected, sold out across Europe faster than you can say “Bogo.” The rust-colored hoodie in size medium was the first to sell out, shifting in just 13 seconds.

The rest of the rust hoodies and the pale lime iteration sold out in under 20 seconds. The heather grey and ice blue versions sold out in 25 seconds and under, while the red, pink, and black numbers were snapped up shortly after that.

The majority of the hoodies sold out in under 30 seconds, while some sizes lasted for just under a minute. Surprisingly popular was the license plate puffy jacket; the small-sized white version of that sold out in exactly 35 seconds — faster than some of the box logo hoodies.

Peep the list of most popular items below and then check out the rest of the sell out times here. The U.S. launch takes place at 11 a.m. EST.

Refresh your memory ahead of the U.S. release to see what else is releasing at Supreme today.

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