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Upcoming London-based designer Tisloh Danboyi is self-taught. If the current zeitgeist — Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton and streetwear as contemporary luxury — says anything, it's that you don't necessarily need to sweat through years of fashion school to design and connect with a wider audience. Danboyi's first collection for his eponymous label is detailed and restrained, and with the designer just 19 years old, very promising.

Danboyi grew up familiar with the idea of cultivating a brand, starting his first at the age of 13. This progressed into a Basement-approved project called Plastic Studio in his mid-teens. Now, his first serious fashion label operates with a mix of independent spirit and raw talent. "I prefer to think of it like a personal project, as opposed to a brand," he says. "Sort of like a platform, [from] which I can express myself creatively. I don't want it to be strictly clothes."

The inspiration for Tisloh Danboyi's first line came from reading Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica. The text, written in 1485, isn't exactly a laid-back summer holiday read, but it is often described as one of the most influential works in Western literature. The first part discusses God's existence, angels, and the creation of humanity and is titled Prima Pars. This is also the name of Danboyi's FW18 collection, which is an exploration of the genesis of his own label and visual language.

The FW18 collection is cut to classic shapes, with contemporary, handmade details: white shirts with a graphic “A” at the midline; black piqué polo shirts with the collection's "Love, Bites." motif stitched onto the chest; black French terry hoodies with intricate floral embroidery at the base; mohair trousers; velour sweatpants with a tonal side stripe; taupe knitwear with "Love, Bites." running vertically down the side; and a white graphic tee with the collection's name, "PRIMA PARS 1," on the front and, on the reverse, a highly stylized rendering of "ARCHE," an ancient Greek word that refers to the beginning of a thing — in this case, the start of a new brand.

Tisloh Danboyi's FW18 collection will be released via his website.

Follow the brand on Instagram @TislohDanboyi and stay tuned for more info about how to cop.

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