Ashley Plante

Seeing as to how TOLEDO is based in Brooklyn, New York, it makes sense that Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dun-Pilz’s would gravitate toward the beach goth aesthetic. Even though it’s far too early to be daydreaming about summertime sadness, it’s hard not to long for warmer weather and the sensation of hot feelings oozing out of your pores. So today, we’re premiering the duo’s dreamy Hotstuff EP which they describe as “a wild departure from our short-lived folk roots.”

“We recorded ‘Hotstuff’ in a small cabin in Maine, completely stranded and honestly terrified. Although it was probably the most unhealthy week of our lives, we wrote and recorded songs that convey both of our shared anxieties about relationships and confrontation,” TOLEDO told us in an email. “We hope you like it because we also kinda like it, but if you have any notes just text or call Dan at 978-518-5462 thx.”

Take a mini vacation and let your mind wander whille you stream the project below.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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