In case you didn't know, Tommy Wiseau, creator of infamous film The Room, is petitioning to play the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie. He's already gone so far as to tweet director Todd Phillips, proclaiming, "Todd. DM me."

Since, fans of Wiseau have come out in support of the idea, sending him fan art and also piecing together a trailer that blends excerpts from The Room with The Dark Knight.

Now we get an even better look at what Wiseau would look like playing the signature Batman villain, courtesy of the featured clip above that highlights the actor and filmmaker as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Tommy has in turn been cut into various scenes from the movie, again, providing with a glimpse at what he could bring to the table.

After watching the footage, be sure to leave us your thoughts on Tommy Wiseau's petition to play the Joker in the forthcoming Batman picture.

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