Earlier this week, Highsnobiety reported on how Vero is hoping to challenge Instagram and Facebook by giving control of the feedback to its users. However, while Vero has seen an influx of new sign-ups, this has led to a spate of technical issues, with people unable to post or properly browse the app.

As all apps will attest, with more users comes great responsibility. If you can’t satisfy their needs, they’ll take out their frustrations by flaming you on another platform.

That’s exactly what a lot of users did when they found Vero to be unresponsive and glitchy. Various newcomers took to Twitter and Instagram to voice their displeasure, however, amongst the hate, there was some praise for the app’s design and mission statement. You can read more about that here.

As always, we’ve gathered the best reactions below for your browsing pleasure.

Some users hate Vero already

Others gave it a chance only to realize they didn’t really know what to do

A lot of people are annoyed at the error messages

Why exactly is everyone flocking to #Vero again?! ?

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Looks like #vero is having some growing pains… so hold tight ??✨

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A few are skeptical

While most think Vero won’t last but could force Instagram to make some much-wanted changes

There were a few, though, that believed in the app

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