In a new interview with The Observer that coincides with his current Vitra collaboration, Virgil Abloh discusses the myriad factors that influence his working life.

Commenting on his own work ethic, Abloh talks about what he expects in others. A good Instagram account, for example, is as important to him as a CV, and if you're a self-motivated worker then you're much more likely to be promoted within his ranks.

During the discussion, the designer also enthuses about the current state of creative culture today, going as far to state he feels we're currently experiencing a renaissance. Find the interview highlights below.

On knowing that streetwear would enter the mainstream

For sure, I bet on it. I made a career out of it. When I was showing in fashion week, people were saying, ‘That’s not fashion.’ I wasn’t referred to as a fashion designer.

On how he sees culture right now

I feel like now is a tremendous time in culture. I feel like it’s the Renaissance. I feel like Bernini just sculpting away, defining a moment of enlightenment. I’m just an eager kid who looks at every day as a possibility to make something and leave a good impact.

On his work ethic

Any person you can cite: Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jordan – they are not common names because they did it nine-to-five. There are people on Earth that dedicate themselves to their practice or whatever. I’ve always been like that.

On hiring from Instagram

If you have an awesome Instagram, I’ll follow you, DM you and say, ‘Hey, do you want a job?’ And if you are self-motivated, you’re going to get promoted in two seconds because that’s ultimately the shot I wanted when I was a kid.

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