volvo car accident advisor app

There aren’t many apps that could literally save your life, but Volvo’s new mobile service, Car Accident Advisor, could do just that. The app is designed to guide you through an accident, and on top of that, it will get the ball rolling with your insurer.

In the event that you’re in an accident, it will determine whether you need emergency assistance with its customer care center. Then, a text message will direct you to the app, which will guide you through the steps you need to take. This might seem like overkill, but being in an accident, however minor, can often leave you at less than your A-game.

Thankfully, the Advisor prompts you to take obvious steps like photographing the damage, writing down notes about the accident, and getting information about any other vehicles that were involved. All that info then gets packaged up to your insurer so you can get your claim processed ASAP.

The app works for vehicles from the “2015.5” model year onwards, and it’s completely free.

Weekend Staff Writer

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.