Following multiple stoppages in proceedings, Yellowcard has withdrawn its $15 million infringement lawsuit against the late Juice WRLD, The New York Times reports.

The since-disbanded pop group first filed the suit in October, claiming that Juice WRLD’s – whose real name is Jarad Higgins – six-times platinum-selling track “Lucid Dreams” used the same melody as their 2006 song “Holly Wood Died.”

However, following the rapper's tragic death on December 8, the proceedings were put on pause in February because no one had been appointed as the executor of Juice's estate at the time. Then the legal battle was halted again in April due to the coronavirus outbreak

Court documents were again filed on July 2 leading to the resumption of the trial, since Juice WRLD’s mother, Carmela Wallace, had been appointed by the probate court as "personal representative for the Estate."

On Monday, July 27, a one-page formed signed by Yellowcard's attorney, Richard S. Busch, revealed the band had decided to voluntarily drop the lawsuit.

“My clients are very sympathetic not only of Juice WRLD’s death, but also needed time to decide whether they really wanted to pursue the case against his grieving mother as the personal representative of his estate,” Busch said in a statement.

According to a lawyer for Juice WRLD and his estate, Christine Lepera, there has been no settlement in the case, and the credits for “Lucid Dreams” will not be changed.

Yellowcard can still, however, sue again in the future if they so choose.

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