odd future

HQLos Angeles, CA
FounderYears active: 2007-2015, 2018 (reunion)
Creative DirectorLabel: Odd Future, Sony, RED

Odd Future, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don’t Give a Fuck, or simply OFWGKTA for short – whatever you prefer – are a raucous hip hop collective hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Known for their DIY aesthetic, the rotating cast of rappers, producers and singers found fame in their brash, freeform style and lack of filter. The group followed in the footsteps of previous hiphop giants like Wu-Tang Clan, and turned themselves into a now iconic brand, found in clothing, stickers, skateboards, pop up shops and even an Adult Swim television show. A cryptic tweet from the groups de-facto leader Tyler, The Creator, in 2015, leads to rumours of Odd Future’s demise, but it is never fully confirmed. Meanwhile the brand lives on through apparel, through the group’s individual members and through the iconic subculture that leaves behind a lasting legacy. Odd Future timeline 2007 – Odd Future are founded by Tyler, The Creator, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats and Jasper Dolphin. Early tracks are recorded in Syd tha Kid’s and Taco’s home in South Central LA. 2008 – The debut mixtape, Odd Future Tape drops in November. 2009:2010 – Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, Mike G and Frank Ocean join the group. 2010 – Radical mixtape drops 2011 – Members of the collective release their own solo efforts – MellowHype and Frank Ocean release an album and mixtape, respectively. Tyler releases his debut album, Goblin and establishes Golf Wang – a clothing brand producing clothes, shoes, accessories and skateboards, designed by Tyler. April 2011 – The group signs a deal with Sony and RED to create their own label Odd Future Records August 2011 – The group announces a 27 stop tour. March 2012 – The group get their own show on Adult Swim. The Loiter Squad, featuring Tyler, Jasper, Taco, Earl and Lionel as the main cast, with other members of the group making cameo appearances, showcases skits and pranks from the production company behind Jackass. March 2012 – The collective drop their debut album, The OF Tape Vol. 2. It features only members of the group, with no guest verses. The album was a sequel to the original mixtape. It remains the group’s only studio album. That day, Earl Sweatshirt reappears after being absent from the group from 2010 to that month to perform at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. Before the show the group open a pop up store in NYC. July 2012 – Frank Ocean releases debut studio album channel ORANGE. August 2012 – Domo Genesis releases No Idols. April 2013 – Tyler, The Creator releases his second studio album, Wolf. October 2013 – MellowHigh release their self-titled debut album. August 2013 – Earl Sweatshirt releases his debut studio album, Doris. May 2015 - Tyler, The Creator tweets that Odd Future are no more, potentially signaling the end of the crew. March 2016 – Syd Tha Kyd announces her departure from the group but keeps The Internet signed to the label. May 2016 – The group confirm they are still together in a tweet later removed. December 2016 – Hodgy Beats releases his album Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide as the last on the OF label. March 2018 – In his song "Okra," Tyler, The Creator raps "Golf be the set, no more OF" – recognizing his departure from the group. August 2018 – Taco posts a Instagram videos showcasing an Odd Future reunion concert at The Low End Theory Club in LA, marking the final show before the club’s closure. Tyler, Earl, Taco, Jasper, Syd, Hodgy, and Mike G appeared among others, performing OF classics like Orange Juice and Sandwitches. December 2018 – The OF official website gets a rebrand, with links to music, tour and the original OFWGKTA Tumblr page removed. The site now functions only to sell OF related clothing. Who are the members of Odd Future? The collective was originally formed by Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Casey Veggies, Matt Martians, Pyramid Vritra, and Jasper Dolphin. It has grown and lost members of the years, with Syd tha Kid leaving to form The Internet. Most recently the group boasted a 13-strong crew made up of founding members, Tyler the Creator, Hodgy, Left Brain, Pyramid Vritra and Jasper Dolphin, plus Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco Bennett, Lucas Vercetti, Frank Ocean, Na'kel and L-Boy. What does the Odd Future donut logo mean? The iconic OF donut was first created in 2007 back when the crew first came together. Tyler was known for drawing donuts on his clothing in school to “stand out”. The logo has now appeared on everything from their debut mixtape to hats, socks, skateboards and underwear and even sparked a collab with Tyler fav Randy's Donuts.