On Saturday, Tyler, The Creator appeared at a Converse talk in London, for a Q&A session with fans. During the event, the rapper commented on the possibility of an Odd Future reunion.

The GOLF le FLEUR* creator and Converse ambassador used the occasion to talk candidly about his partnership with the brand and also discussed his music. Things got very interesting when a fan asked Tyler, “Are we ever gonna get another Odd Future tape?”

“9 times out of 7, no,” Tyler quickly responded, before revealing that he isn't averse to the idea. “Look, I would be open to it, but I think everyone’s kinda past that. And I think some people base it on nostalgia rather than like ‘would it actually be good?’ Like you don’t always need a Bad Boys 5.”

"Honestly the Odd tapes weren’t that good. It was just a fun time, but musically it was just 'meh.' For the time it was tight but now [...] I don’t know if the styles would mesh much with everyone. But who knows, this could change in 6 weeks.” You can watch Tyler's response below.

For many, the hip-hop collective Odd Future, or OFWGKTA, was their introduction to Tyler, The Creator, with many fans understandably holding out for another reunion.

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