We still remember the times when every couple of months a new exciting cellphone was hitting the market. That has changed a lot in the last two years. Even though we have more functionality than ever before, it is still a boring market. How many people around you have something different from a Blackberry or an iPhone?

Once in a while, rarely, but it still does happen, something exciting is coming out. This week the Motorola Aura will be released. “Precision crafted from the essence of imagination. Swiss engineered rotating mechanism, a 62-carat sapphire crystal lens and a unique 16 million colour, circular display.”

It can probably do less than the Blackberry or the iPhone, but it certainly wins with its looks and believe it or not, not everybody needs eMail and Internet at all times!

The Motorola Aura will be launched exclusively at Selfridges this month.

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