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Recently catching a glimpse of SE7EN—a keystone movie of the ’90s—we were taken aback at just how baggy Brad Pitt’s dress shirts are in that film. As Dr. Martens, another big-time hallmark of that decade, are enjoying a real renaissance in popularity, it is nice to see that slouchy-as-hell button-ups are, for the most part, being left back with the Manic Panic. Brutus has been taking that style point to heart since the ’60s, as the London-based purveyor of the Trimfit shirt. As the name suggests, these long- and short-sleeved button-ups hug the torso and completely outrun any unnecessary draping.

This collaboration between Doc Martens and Brutus celebrates the former’s iconic oxblood leather and yellow stitching with a damn proper plaid. That the boots and the shirt look made for one another is no surprise, the brands have been paired by the well-dressed working class—and maybe even a few homicide detectives—for decades. -jt

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