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10 Iconic BRAUN Objects Illustrated by Andrei Boghita 2

Designer, Andrei Boghita, pays homage to BRAUN’s design history with a series of 10 illustrated posters featuring iconic BRAUN object designs. “The main features of each product are exaggerated. Each product is built on a grid in order to give them all a cohesive appearance and underline the simplicity of their design.” Featured BRAUN items include: 1955 SK2 radio, 1956 SK4 record player, 1959 T3 pocket radio, 1959 TP1 transistor radio, 1961 RT20 radio, 1961 PCS 5 record player, 1962 T41 radio, 1964 FS80 television, 1971 Audio 310, and the 1987 ET66 calculator.

Those looking for modern day BRAUN radios can find them on sale for $100.

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