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Since launching in 2007, Les Ateliers Ruby’s high-end motorbike helmets have generated plenty of interest, not least for their collaborative partnerships. With Maison Martin Margiela, they produced a typically chaotic scribble that belied the Belgian designer’s irreverent approach to fashion. Meanwhile, the SpongeBob helmet probably didn’t go far beyond a small group of Parisian hipsters with a penchant for irony. The fact remains their helmets are of impeccable quality and deserve to be considered in the same vein as other products of distinction. The generous nappa lambskin interior of Le Pavillon helmet imparts a sense of authority, superior protection and luxe finishing.

The obvious brand extension would be to launch a range of motorbike jackets. And, nine years after creating the first helmet, designer Jerôme Coste has produced two styles in a variety of hides. Taking inspiration from racing suits of the ‘60s, the exquisite quality of these fitted jackets echoes the streamlined aerodynamics that encouraged faster race times on the track. As with the helmets, attention to detail is impressively thorough – a quilted chevron pattern in contrasting burgundy lines the neck interior for added comfort. The same pattern is highlighted on the shoulder and elbow areas of the Champion jacket increasing fortification against knocks and falls. Both Pilote and Champion jackets are available in three skin options: lambskin, baby calf, and the more durable horsehide.

At a starting price of 2,800 euros, these slick moto jackets are not to be considered lightly. In terms of protection combined with aesthetics, they possess an integrity that no fashion designer can match.

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