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One thing you can count on in the music realm is plenty of publicly thrown shade. Sometimes it’s petty and funny, sometimes it’s a little more serious; either way, there’s always a slick comment to be found. In case you’ve missed them or are out of the loop on social media, we’ve got a rundown of whose fighting who, and why, below.

Young Thug vs. Metro Boomin’

Up until recently, the general consensus was that Metro Boomin’ and Young Thug were homies. However now it’s looking like they’re a bit more like frenemies. It all started when Metro tweeted that Future was responsible for the trend of artists dropping multiple mixtapes a year. He followed up by saying that this model only works if you have both quality and quantity. Thug, for reasons that are still unclear, interpreted the tweets as shade, and then it went down.

Azealia Banks vs. Security Guard

Azealia Banks has had quite a few social media dust ups, but this week things got more serious for the talented artist. It is being alleged that she and a group of friends assaulted a security guard after a night out in L.A. As of now, the LAPD has opened a criminal battery investigation surrounding the incident.

TLC vs. Fans

Back in January, TLC launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their fifth and final album, which they said would be released by the end of 2015. Fans got so excited the group ended up raising about three times as much as their $150,000 goal. Months passed with little word on how the project was coming along, so naturally people got antsy. Pretty soon they upgraded from polite questions to all out slander, and Twitter even held a #TLCIsGoingToJailParty.

50 Cent vs. Rick Ross

50 Cent and Rick Ross’s recent clash is more like a rekindling of slow-simmering hate. G-Unit and MMG have been rivals in the past, and the result has been quite a bit of trash talking and chain snatching. Rozay kicked off this latest round of ill-will by mentioning 50 Cent Jr. Though his son is reportedly estranged from him, 50 senior still didn’t take to kindly to the jab.

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#50Cent is up early taking shots at #RickyRozay #50cent vs. #RickRoss #LiraGalore

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50 Cent vs. Dreamchasers

Although Meek Mill seems to have moved on, the rest of the world isn’t quite ready to let go of the L he took at the hands of everyone’s favorite waffle-toned, emo rapper. During a recent appearance in Sweden, 50 had a hearty laugh at Meek’s expense, and he made sure to do it in front of a crowd. 50 has no love for Meek’s label boss, Rick Ross, so it might be more about Meek’s affiliation than a personal issue. While Meek has remained uncharsteristically quiet, Omelly, his cousin and a Dreamchasers affiliate had quite the response.

50 Cent vs. Vivica Fox

This week, 50 Cent also proved he had no qualms arguing with ex-lovers. It all started when actress (and 50’s former girlfriend) Vivica A. Fox insinuated that he was gay while chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. After that, 50’s notorious ruthlessness came out in full force. Vivica didn’t back down, either. The result was a flurry of insults that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Why can't we all just get along ??? #50Cent #VivicaFox #ClapBackSeason

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Soulja Boy vs. Vivica Fox

In the midst of Vivica Fox mounting a counter assault against 50 Cent, Soulja Boy somehow yuuuuuled his way into the conversation. The actress commented that 50 Cent looked like a “booty snatcher” on a recent magazine cover he’d fronted with the younger rapper. Soulja promptly hit back via Instagram. Vivica, perhaps realizing she’d dragged an innocent party into the mess, eventually apologized.

#SouljaBoy vs #VivicaFox !! #ClapBackSeason ??? #50Cent

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Spike Lee vs. The City of Chicago

For some time now, Chicago has made headlines for its high levels of gun and gang related violence. Perhaps as an act of social commentary or perhaps as an act of exploitation, Director Spike Lee turned a lens on the issue in the upcoming film Chiraq. The official trailer was released last week, and several well-known Chicago hip-hop artists were left with a bad taste in their mouths…

Fetty Wap vs. Potential Baby Mamas, and Actual Baby Mama

If you haven’t been keeping up with the misadventures of Fetty Wap, it seems he’s about to be a daddy, again, maybe twice. And, the expecting mother(s) are none too pleased with how the newly-famous rapper is dealing with the news. On top of that, the mother of another one of Fetty’s children recorded the two of them having it out, leading to the musician being accused of making terroristic threats.

#FettyWap allegedly got another girl pregnant and dipped on her (view previous post)

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Wacka Flocka Flame vs. Atlantic Records

Wacka Flocka Flame has had a contentious label situation for quite some time now. Things seemingly came to a head last week after Atlantic allegedly hung up the phone in the midst of a conversation. This, compounded with label’s refusal to set a release date for his sophomore album Flocaveli 2, pushed the Atlanta native over the edge…

DJ Drama vs. Summer P. Walker

DJs usually manage to stay pretty under the radar when it comes to hip-hop feuds, but I guess when you go by Drama you’re bound to have some. During the height of the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef, Drama’s name came up in connection to the leaked reference track that started it all. During a very public Twitter tiff with his estranged ex-wife Summer Walker (who Mr. Petty Wap himself, Drake, went out of his way to shout out in the song “I’m the Plug”), Summer confirmed that it was indeed Drama who sent the track to Meek’s camp. Oops.

“Or maybe we should talk about how you couldn’t do a lump sum payment because you are broke? @djdrama because I would’ve rather that ? — SUMMER P WALKER (@SUMMERWALKER) November 2, 2015”

“Or how you told me that you gave Meek Drake’s reference tracks to make him feel better about Quinten not wanting to work with him? @djdrama — SUMMER P WALKER (@SUMMERWALKER) November 2, 2015”

“Smh kept saying you love Drake as you told me your side but you don’t shit on one friend to make another friend feel better — SUMMER P WALKER (@SUMMERWALKER) November 2, 2015”

“If you wanna go there @DJDRAMA we can. Because your loyalty to a girl who has told you she doesn’t like kids but you have 3 is bogus — SUMMER P WALKER (@SUMMERWALKER) November 2, 2015”

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